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Presented to AGM 20 April 2016



The cull of badgers in Somerset and Gloucestershire continued during 2015 and as anticipated, the cull was rolled out to include West Dorset. Culling took place between 31 August and 12 October in Somerset and Dorset and between 2 September and 14 October in Gloucestershire

BADGER CULL  2013 - 2015

Badgers Culled







West Somerset










































Due to a world-wide shortage of vaccine, the vaccinations scheduled for Wales and various parts of England were halted. Opposition to the concept of culling has continued from the Badger Trust but with little effect on the Government. An application by Brian May for a judicial review of the cull for 2015 was refused by the High Court on technical grounds.



The Hampshire Wildlife Trust continued their vaccination of badgers on their land during the year although it had now ceased, hopefully only temporarily, due to an international shortage of vaccine. We have heard nothing more from the Dorset Mammal Group about their plans to take over the vaccination of badgers on the Crown Lands of the New Forest so we assume they have abandoned the idea. We have heard recently that the Forestry Commission has retracted its former opposition to permitting culling on its land. Although it still seems unlikely that culling would take place in the New Forest, the same would not necessarily apply elsewhere in England, notably in the Forest of Dean. The F.C have stated that the culling will not be carried out by their own staff. So far as we know, no cases of bTB have been reported from cattle depastured on the Forest during 2015. The usual work of responding to badger-related problems continues. Most of these are from disgruntled householders who have badgers visiting their gardens and who wish to get rid of them.


The pub evenings have continued through the autumn and winter. We meet at the Queens Head in Burley on the first Monday in every month between September and April. Also we have held four committee meetings during the year.

In addition, some of your committee attended the following events :-

11 Jan Kevin and Martin examined the condition of Eric Ashby’s seat at Alderhill. We found it to be satisfactory.
25 Feb Martin and Julia gave a talk on badgers to children at Nomansland School
13 May Martin and Julia collected 4 orphaned badgers from Holt Heath
20 Jun Martin investigated report of badger sett at New Milton
6 July  Martin investigated report of badgers under scout hut at Milford on Sea
28 – 30 July Stand at New Forest Show 2
9 Aug  Sales stall at Lymington Market
11 - 13 Sep  Martin and Julia attended Badger Trust Conference at Colchester
26 Oct Martin carried out a survey of badger setts at Solar Farm at Parley

Meanwhile the work of monitoring some of the known setts in the Forest has continued but we are always looking for new sett watchers, so if any of you are interested then please let me know and we will arrange to allocate a sett for you to watch. Also will those of you who watched setts during 2015 and who still haven’t handed in their record cards, please do so now.

And finally

Sadly one of our oldest members, Arthur Soper, died last year after a long illness. Martin, Julia, Jenny and Ken all attended his funeral at Hyde Church

Martin Noble


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